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There are two varaints of the part I`m looking for. Both have the same part no. but one of them has "-Z" in the end. Which is the correct part or what is the difference between them?

Since there is only a limited amount of the original parts available and the manufacturers decide to quit the production and sale of these parts at some point, we decided to look for after market parts that are as similar as possible to the original parts early enough to always be able to offer you the best range of products available. We name these articles like the original ones just with the suffix "-Z" to show our customers that they fit the same bikes and are of the same or better quality, but are no original spare parts.

I can`t find an original spare part from Moto Guzzi, Ducati or Aprilia in the online-shop.

Please leave out the `GU` respectively the cutting points.


I‘ve already paid via PayPal, what happens if I cancel my order or an item is no longer available?

You‘ve just granted us a clearance to be able to collect the money from your PayPal account when needed, we don‘t have any payment from you yet. This release lasts about 28 days. If a part is no longer available or you want to cancel your order, we, of course, won’t  collect the amount.

May I pay in a different currency than Euro?

No, all payments are processed in Euro.


When is a subsequent delivery free of charge?

A subsequent delivery within Germany is free of charge, if the value of the subsequent delivery is 15 € or more.

Can’t you send the seals with a letter? This would cancel the high shipping costs.

Shipping items with a letter is not possible for insurance reasons.

Do you deliver to my country?

Yes, we deliver worldwide. Please see our shipping & handling page to acquire more information.

„Delivery time 2-8 weeks“, is it possible to get it in a shorter amount of time?

For some items, the full 8 weeks do not have to be scheduled as delivery time. The exact delivery time will be communicated to you in the order confirmation.


The purchased item does not fit on my bike, can I send it back to you?

We grant our customers a right of return of 90 days, if you find within this period that the article does not fit, you can contact us and we will find a solution for the problem.

What does „NML“ mean?

NML means „Nicht mehr lieferbar“ (No longer available). The product is no longer produced by the manufacturer.

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