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SD-TEC Radiator

An engine automatically generates heat through friction and combustion. To avoid overheating, an engine must be cooled in the best possible way. Water coolers are made of tubes with fins in between. The coolant flows through these tubes and thus transfers the heat to the fins. The air flow cools the fins and the liquid, thus preventing the engine from overheating.

Normally, radiators are manufactured in a plugged-in design. This is cost-effective and quick to manufacture. Of course, plugged-in coolers fulfil their function sufficiently. However, high-quality radiators are additionally soldered. This means that the fins are much better connected and can dissipate more heat. This creates a very stable connection, improves cooling performance and is good for the engine.

The advantages of our brazed SD-TEC radiators:

  • Optimum cooling performance and durability - up to 60% more cooling capacity than plugged variants
  • Better cooling performance due to special fin technology, flattened tubes and a larger cooling area
  • The tubes and fins are brazed in the furnace, creating a metallic joint
  • Ideal for engines with high thermal loads - optimum heat dissipation
  • Each radiator is polished, pressure tested and hand welded
  • Can be directly replaced with the original radiator

SD-TEC radiator grille

When you install a new radiator, you should also think about protection for it. Stone chips and insects pose a danger to the sensitive radiator fins not only on the race track. The radiator can also be easily damaged in normal road traffic. The radiator grille made of plastic-coated aluminium is the solution to this problem: the perfect protection for your radiator.


  • No increase in coolant temperature due to the cover
  • Stable and durable - race track proven
  • Plastic coated aluminium
  • Easy to fit yourself - no modifications to the vehicle necessary
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Aprilia Ducati SD-Tec
PVC coated
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Aluminum Delrin® Plastic
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